About The Debt Doctor.

Established 2011

The Debt Doctor New Zealand was established in 2011 to redress the imbalance between creditors and debtors

It seemed that less than 5% of the creditors placed more than 95% of the pressure to families under financial hardship, some using threat tactics, misrepresentation, abuse and a constant bombardment of what can only be termed as abusive behaviour against members of the public, many of who have been placed into financial hardship through no fault of their own.

If you are a creditor, see more information here [Creditors]

The Debt Doctor NZ was setup with the goal of providing some form of protection to those people, who are being called upwards of ten times per day, at home, at work, receiving threat letters, some even saying that legal proceedings had been started when they hadnt.

Unfortunately for Kiwi's there is not the same level of consumer protection as there is in the USA with the FDCPA, and most of the companies that are collecting this debt know that if you are in a position where you are bordering on insolvent you cannot afford legal representation to stop the harassment.

It is the aim of The Debt Doctor NZ that the future will be an equitable one for both creditors and debtors, with the establishment of consumer protection legislation as relates to fair debt collection.


The Debt Doctor New Zealand is a private independant business, we do not seek government or community funding.
We do not seek contributions from creditors, or other companies to operate.

The Debt Doctor New Zealand supports responsible lending, and responsible fair collection practices.


(R) Debt Doctor is a Registered NZ Trademark Number 955597, all rights reserved.