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When someone is sick they call their doctor, but when they are in financial difficulty they dont call anyone.

debt management

Instead, many New Zealanders battle quietly to try and keep things from getting out of control.

This can lead from a financial problem to cases which end up in bankruptcy.

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debt management

It costs nothing to enquire as to whether your financial situation needs financial attention and whether your accounts can be saved by The Debt Doctor

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Debt can be a fragile situation, where it can be compared to a house of cards or dominoes, where the slightest move in the wrong direction can end up in a financial 'crash'.

debt management

We respect your privacy

debt management

Any discussions that you have with any of our staff will be confidential. We will not disclose any of your information to any party without your express permission.

We care about the people of New Zealand that are suffering with poor wages and an increasing cost of living.

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